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Charismatic Concern, Tradition, and Other Miscellany

Saturday, January 5th, 2008

Wendy commented on my entry, Keep in Step with the Spirit. I’d like to give it and my reply their own post.

Well, Tim. This is a first for me; hope I don’t mess up! I liked some of the stuff I read. I was concerned about your blog because as missionaries in Brazil we run into this a lot.(Charismatic) You mentioned tradition in a tone that might be negative and I immediately remembered II Thes. 2:15 and cross-referenced to IIThes. 3:6. Tradition isn’t necessarily wrong. A great way to stay on course is through tradition.(check out II Tim. 1:5 and my husband just reminded me about the Rechabites-Jer. 35, esp. vs. 18,19. Just be careful (I say that to my kids and it really means “I love you and want the best for you.”)

Hi Wendy,

I can certainly imagine how charismatic issues would be a pressing concern for you! (more…)