Hymn Collaboration

I barely have any good mp3s of hymns, but I’d love to build a playlist of rich, classic hymns, with recordings that make you sigh at their heavenly beauty. But how to separate the ambrosia-esque wheat from the chaff? Where would I find these heavenly recordings, apart from the herculean task of manually wading through a sea of sub-par (or merely adequate) offerings?

Answer: You! I can tap the collective well of your private music libraries, for recommendations.

To keep this as low-maintenance as possible, I created a Google Doc with a submission form. Browse what’s there, or fill out the form to add a recommendation. (It will show up when you refresh.)

I started this with my church email list, so I’m calling it:

The Great Hope Chapel Hymn-Recommendation-For-Filling-Up-Your-iPod Collaboration of 2010, aka GHCHRFFUYIC 2010 (pronounced guh-cherf-oo-yick 2010).