Ironies: “Free-thinker”

February 16th, 2009

Atheists & agnostics sometimes use the phrase “free-thinker” or “free-thinking” as a better label for their position.

In other words, to be a free-thinker, you have to come to the same conclusions that they do.


4 Responses to “Ironies: “Free-thinker””

  1. hahaha – What brought this on? Sounds like you’ve been sparring with an agnostic… I don’t know many people that would admit to being atheist…

  2. Tim says:

    I’ve been hearing that basic perspective at various times for a while now. (Similar things happen with people who consider themselves “rationalists” or “rational skeptics”–if you don’t come to the same conclusions they do about religion, then you must be irrational or gullible.)

    But the immediate prompting was a comment in this week’s episode of Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me. One of the guests was Julia Sweeney, a former SNL actor who has done a monologue on how she lost her faith. At one point she said that she prefers the term “free-thinker” to “atheist”. She didn’t say it in an arrogant way, but it did seem to reveal her assumptions.

  3. Bram Neerhof says:

    Maybe we should use this label for those who keep on trying to unmask unclear language and vague labelling. Free-thinkers, get to the core!

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