Theology Word of the Day – Prolegomenon

September 12th, 2008

There are lots of words used in theology that are somewhat obscure but very fun.  I would like to share one:

Prolegomenon” — Roughly, “first things”

It’s pronounced like it’s spelled.  Which will take you a second to figure out.  Pro-leh-gah-meh-non. (The plural is prolegomena.)

The prolegomona of a topic are the things you have to talk about first, before you get into anything else.  For instance, “This systematic theology text will begin with the prolegomena of  theology: How we come to know anything, where we should get our theology, and how we can go about learning theology from the Scripture.”  Your initial training for a new job could be called the prolegomenon, too.

It’s a great word.  I’m sure you’ll start using it in every-day conversation.


3 Responses to “Theology Word of the Day – Prolegomenon”

  1. Ellen Margheim says:

    Well…I’m not sure this is what was meant in the encouragements you’ve received to blog more!!! 🙂

    Interesting, none-the-less!

  2. I am PRO LEGO. MEN must ON their feet first get before they anywhere go.

  3. Tim says:

    Thomas… Your syntax is so strange… The order of phrases so artificial… It’s almost like you’re speaking NASB English or something. 😀