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C.S. Lewis on Motivations of our Hearts

Monday, October 1st, 2007

I’m reading C.S. Lewis’s The Weight of Glory for the first time. The book is a collection of essays, including The Weight of Glory and a beautiful piece called Transposition. I read the Narnia books and Mere Christianity in high school, but I’ve only recently begun to develop a real appreciation for Lewis’s art. He has a way of forming analogies that I adore.

In The Weight of Glory he explains with remarkable clarity something I was struggling toward a couple years ago. It has to do with our motivations in following the commands of God and in living a good Christian life. While I was struggling with the concept of living for glory of God, I wrote the following. I’ll just include some excerpts, to keep it relatively short. If this post looks too long for you to want to read it, I hope you’ll at least skip to the last paragraph of the quotation from Lewis. (more…)